Get Me Outta Here Bath Soak


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Let’s face it, who doesn’t a want an hour peace to yourself to replenish some of those good vibes? If we can’t access a portal to nirvana, this blend will help close the doors on reality and get outta here for a 20min bath soak

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How am I different to the other nuts? With a higher dosage of the rare yet ‘oh-so-magnificent’ imported Celtic Sea Salt (French), Dead Sea Salt this blend is now infused with the exclusive Ducks Nuts Co essential oil blend and a ticket to your happy place.

Depending on the potency of good vibes or muscle recovery you need, use half a serve per bath.

GET ME OUTTA HERE was originally formulated as our premium bath blend for those who wanted to up the ante from Chill Baby Chill. So we are not joking when we say CANCEL YOUR PLANS after use. Ingredients of our 4 primary salts of Himalayan rock salt, Epsom salt with higher volumes of Dead Sea Salt and Celtic Sea Salt.

All natural, paraben free, vegan, no nuts, ducks or animals were harmed in the making of this product. Store in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight. Avoid getting satchel wet to preserve contents. Moisture Sensitive. 

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