Epic Coffee Scrub for Dames


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The ultimate glow job for Dames who love their exfoilient, detoxifier, moisturiser and skin repair all in one ritual. Our Epic Coffee Scrub for Dames is our all natural blend that can be applied to face and body for all ages and skin types. 


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The Epic Coffee Scrub for Dames, differs from its male counterpart. Designed for female skin composition. We appreciate ladies only require a gentle exfoliant and cleanse to get the job done. We combined a fine brown sugar along with fresh arabica coffee grinds for detoxification, circulation, cleansing and removal of dead skin. The hydrating and rejuvenating affects of the premium Hemp Oil is the ultimate kicker that will leave your skin feeling like the Ducks Nuts. The clever use of Grapeseed Oil adds further hydration but also replaces our need to use nasty preservatives. This scrub has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and known to assist with skin blemishes, acne and psoriasis with regular use. Our Epic Coffee Scrub for Dames has been proven to assist with “maske” due to prolonged wearing of masks causing acne. 

*We’d love to make bold sales claims like other brands about cellulite reduction but would rather avoid BS advertising claims. 

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