remember growing up when the solutions were simple? that's why we kept ours that way.

It was a homemade remedy we thought was the Ducks Nuts. 

Which is how our products came about. 

A simple homemade remedy with natural ingredients that solved a practical need to help relieve banged up bodies.

Salt and magnesium therapy has been a trusted remedy ever since your Mum put you in a Radox bath as a kid. Ducks Nuts Co is a fresh new grassroots brand with a simple range of body care products for Dukes and Dames who love nostalgic remedies that are Aussie made and owned.

Ducks Nuts Co was inspired by tradie and co-founder ‘Muzz’ who had a practical need to relieve sore muscles and clean up after a big day on the job site. It was a simple Aussie statement;

“that bath was the Ducks Nuts”

after a long soak in our signature blend HOLY CRAP I’M SORE that sparked the creation of home-made magnesium soak and scrub range that quickly gained fans online and with our growing stockist’s list.

aussie born and bred

there's a few things we like to spruik about

Besides bringing relief to banged up bodies around the country, we are pretty stoked to be 100% Australian made and owned. Not to mention that every time you purchase one of our Ducks Nuts, 6 other Aussie suppliers and manufactures do a happy dance. So every time you click buy, make sure you do one for yourself for paying it forward. 

Our range is vegan friendly that has only been tested on sore humans. You’ll be happy to no that no ducks or nuts were harmed in the making of our products. 


who buys our nuts?

Since Ducks Nuts Co launched in 2019, we’ve loved delivering relief to those who enjoy the nostalgic reminder of simple remedies with honest results at a realistic price point. We avoid false claims for sexy marketing and try not to overcharge just for fancy packaging. 

We didn’t make our nuts for professional athlete but for those who like a quick fix that do the trick, without the hype. For those who have hobbies and passions they’re not willing to give up, even if the body wants to on the on the odd occasion.  Here’s what some of you love most.